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Acceptable Use Policy


  • You may not use, or permit use of your file transfer area for any purposes which contravenes the laws of the United Kingdom;
  • You may not offer for download, either publicly or privately, pornography or any files in any format for which you do not own the copyright, or do not have the copyright holder's permission;
  • You may not use, or permit use of your file transfer area for network abuse: the bulk sending of any kind of unsolicited network traffic: including but not limited to email, ICQ/AIM/MSN messages or newsgroup postings.
  • You may not use your file transfer area for the hosting or promotion of any software or services designed for network abuse;
  • You are entirely responsible for any activity conducted on your file transfer area, and must take steps to ensure that anyone to whom you grant access will not breach this AUP in turn;
  • You agree by signing up for a file transfer area, that you will fully indemnify Holistech Ltd. against any claims for loss or damage by any third party in respect of activities conducted on file transfer area under your control;
  • You acknowledge that your use of your file transfer area affects other users, and agree to terminate, at our request, any services which we deem to be degrading to the service that we provide our other customers.




Our terms are two simple practical measures to ensure we can offer a smooth service:


  • We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your file transfer area at any time, at our discretion.


While we have no intention of ever forcibly halting someone's file transfer area, this may become necessary if payment is not received for a long time, our Acceptable Use Policy is breached, or a machine becomes the cause or target of any network attack.


  • We explicitly offer no warranty for our file transfer area service, or guarantee that it is fit for a particular purpose.



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